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Loan Heran

Whanake Youth

My name is Loan, I am a Youth Health Worker for Whanake Youth. I am at Broadgreen Intermediate every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday morning.

My role at Broadgreen Intermediate School is to provide attendance and wellbeing support for students and their whānau and family who may be experiencing challenges.

As a youth health worker I can act as an advocate for young people and their whānau, be a liaison person between the whānau and school, explore any health, wellbeing and attendance needs, complete referrals and assist with developing plans for any solutions you might be looking for.

021 159 1799

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Cate Gully


The learning support team works to harness the collective knowledge and experiences of parents and whānau, and specialist agencies to plan and implement Individual Education Plans (IEPs) or Individual Behaviour Plans (IBPs) to support students with special education abilities. All students on the Learning Support Register have a Transition Action Plan (TAP) which summarises the support programmes and interventions the students received at Broadgreen and recommends successful strategies for students moving to College.

03 547 7131

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Nathaniel Murken

Whanake Youth

My name is Nathaniel. I am a Youth Health Clinician with Whanake Youth.

I am at Broadgreen Intermediate during school hours every day.

My role at Broadgreen Intermediate School is to provide on-site mental health and social support services in a more casual context. This includes students and their whānau. I provide an opportunity for students to engage in counselling services, introduce strategies for coping with stress, anxiety, depressive symptoms, trauma, and social concerns.


While providing these opportunities at school is a wonderful engagement opportunity, it is not always possible to achieve the same progress as in a fully professional setting. Knowing this, I also work alongside school staff and other colleagues to provide referrals and support in accessing other services in the area.

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