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Welcome to Broadgreen

Students are actively encouraged to participate in leading and contribute their best efforts to maximise their achievements. Broadgreen offers a wide variety of learning opportunities that will challenge, motivate and develop abilities.

Developing learners who are self-confident, connected, involved and resilient are key learning goals in our school. Thinking students that take personal pride, are prepared to experiment and experience new opportunities while building positive relationships are valued.

Our teaching programmes and resources are designed for emerging adolescents at the Year 7 and 8 level. I encourage your child to involve themselves in the opportunities available at Broadgreen to grow their learning.

Kind Regards

Derek Lucic

Our School Aims to Provide:

  • Rich and varied learning programmes eg sports, cultural activities, music etc.
  • An emphasis on personal growth and development. Support, counselling and guidance.
  • A secure, inclusive environment.
  • Open communication with parents and students.

Our students develop positive attitudes toward:

  • Self Acceptance
  • Respect of Others
  • Social Responsibility
  • Learning and seek to achieve their potential through their own initiative and effort.


Term 1 Tuesday 2 February - Friday 15 April
Term 2 Monday 2 May - Friday 8 July
Term 3 Monday 25 July - Friday 23 September
Term 4 Monday 10 October - Friday 16 December


8:45am - 12:10pm Morning
10:20am 10:40am Interval
12:10pm 12:20 Eating Lunch
l2:20pm 1:10 pm Lunch
1:10pm - 2:50pm Afternoon

Entry bell 8.30am No Students on school grounds before this time (supervision begins at 8:30am)

Educating for the Future
'Whakaakoranga mo ake tonu atu e'